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About Sinful Sweets

Welcome Sinners!

At Sinful Sweets we live a deliciously charmed, fairytale life. We’ve found a way to marry leather with lace, the light with the dark, and found a way to make sin a delightfully sweet thing.

When we looked for inspiration for our utterly unique cake line we searched high and low until we finally found our glass slipper, the Seven Deadly Sins. We looked to the heart of every sin and found the beauty within. Every cake and cupcake has been painstakingly crafted to bring a unique, fun spin on the things we’re told to turn away from. We believe that a little sin, or even a lot of sin, is never a bad thing. Give in to Temptation, or even indulge in a Nightmare, each cake and cupcake will have you Lusting for more. If a simple cake just isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth then we’re ready to take on your challenge. We want to bring your own personal fairytale to life with our custom-made cakes. From Dante’s Inferno to the Garden of Eden we’ll bring your passion to fruition with a pinch of posh and a dash of wickedness.

Not only do we create indulgent novelty cakes, we also specialize in lavishly gourmet wedding cakes.

While our cakes are sinful we keep our ingredients virtuous. Each confection crafted from scratch with the freshest of ingredients.In Western New York we’ve found our home bringing sin to the people of Rochester, NY and beyond. Find elation within our sinful delights and listen to our siren call.

Visit us at 258 Alexander Street (at the corner of Park Ave and Alexander), or give us a call at 585-483-0349 and unleash your dark side.

Meet the owner!

Ryan Swift

“I have been baking and decorating cakes & cupcakes for over 8 years. From my modest start working at a supermarket, I soon realized my talent for cake decorating had far more potential and began working for local specialty bakeries across the city of Rochester. Over the years, I gained valuable knowledge and experience in the craft and decided it was time for me to pursue my dream of creating my own brand.Sinful Sweets is edgy, whimsical and unique – kinda like me. My passion for baking and love of decorating has allowed me to create beautiful and delicious cakes that are sure to impress!”