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The story behind the sweets...

As the serpent seduced Eve, so Diablo seduced Celestial. He whispered to her that she’d be much happier and tastier if she were to accept a little bit of his darkness. She resisted at first, but began to think a little darkness might not be such a bad thing.

So Eve - Celestial - accepted a sprinkle of cookies n’ cream into her ethereal batter and her faithful buttercream.

Born from the cinders of her sin, a delightful French vanilla-Oreo cake emerged with a hidden treat inside - a filling of rich, luxurious chocolate custard. Dragged through the ashes and crowned with an ivy leaf, this new addition is one you will never regret, or forget.
Celestial: from the heavens.

Celestial is our take on a classic vanilla cake.As the name implies this cake is pure heaven! Layers of tender, moist french vanilla cake are filled and frosted with our silky vanilla buttercream and garnished with white sugar pearls.

This crowd-pleaser makes a terrific birthday cake!
Cursed Carrot: a blessing in disguise. Our carrot cake celebrates the splendor of being a little "off." As we believe in standing apart from the crowd so does this guy. We load our spice cake batter with freshly shredded carrots, plump, juicy currants, crunchy hazelnuts, chopped coconut, and crushed pineapple. This sweet harvest medley is finished with tangy cream cheese frosting and adorned with candied carrot sprinkles.
Cursed Carrot
Diablo: "devil"

Diablo is a superior red velvet cake that doesn't play well with others......other red velvet cakes that is.

Super moist and satisfyingly sweet this red velvet is the best version out there. This crimson colored confection meets a gob of tangy Oreo-cream cheese frosting to create a southern-style masterpiece.

A sprinkle of red sanding sugar and a chocolate pitchfork complete this diabolical delight.
Envy: Feelings of intense jealousy toward someone's abilities or possessions.

Envy is a cake that's a bit off the beaten path.

Our tender pistachio-walnut cake is loaded with crushed pistachios and walnuts then slathered with honey infused vanilla buttercream. A simple garnish of crushed pistachios and this bad boy is ready to be annihilated. The salty crunch and the silky sweetness makes this cake worthy of its namesake.
Eve was tempted by an apple and couldn't resist.

Now you'll know why...

Our tantalizing apple cider spice cake is filled with apple pie deliciousness and heaping with vanilla buttercream - à la mode. An avalanche of homemade granola streusel completes this tempestuous treat.

Eve stood NO chance!
Forbidden Fruit
Greed: The tendency to want more than you need, and acquiring it at any cost.

Greed is a cake that shamelessly gloats luxury and extravagance.Our rich brown sugar-butter cake is gushing with white chocolate ganache and frosted with a luxurious salted caramel buttercream. This million-dollar baby is drizzled with caramel and garnished with white chocolate curls.

Enjoying a slice of this deliciousness? Priceless.
Unleash your inner deity with this sumptuous emerald maiden!

She's a bit of a lush with a touch of verdigris, but beneath her cloud of Irish cream she hides a sweet-mint ganache flourishing with flavor. Finished with a light drizzle of dark chocolate, this seductive goddess will make a sinner out of anyone.
Green Goddess
Gluttony: excessive consumption of basically anything and everything.

Gluttony makes a fat kid squeal.You want excess? You want a ridiculously decadent combination of chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter? This cake embodies all that is good and bad in the world. Packed with gooey salted caramel and crushed peanuts our decadent chocolate cake receives a generous helping of peanut butter frosting that will make your knees weak.

A sprinkle of peanuts and a drizzle of chocolate ganache complete this confectionary badass.
So you ate the whole thing? No judgies.
Our take on an Italian classic! This Italian stallion is infused with a touch of spice reminiscent of a traditional cannoli shell. We fill it to the brim with sweetened ricotta cannoli cream and mini chocolate chips. Topped off with a velvety mascarpone frosting, we garnish this divine dessert with chocolate curls, cannoli shell and a dusting of confectioner's sugar.
Holy Cannoli
Rich chocolate-hazelnut cake, filled with chocolate ganache, frosted with chocolate-hazelnut buttercream, dipped in ganache, rolled in toasted hazelnuts, garnished with a gold chocolate shard.
Holy Night
A refreshing blood orange cake bursting with sweet, tangy lemon curd. We frost this summer sensation with a tropical key lime buttercream and sprinkle its crown with candied lemon zest.
Holy Trinity
Are you obsessed with pumpkin?!

This delciously dense creme cake is bursting with pumpkin flavor and seasonal spices.

We finish our lil punkin' with a cinnamon infused cream cheese frosting and sprinkle it with roasted cinnamon-sugar pumpkin seeds.

This cake knows no boundaries.

Our lemon-poppy cake is filled with fresh blueberry preserves, and topped with a zesty lemon buttercream. A dollop of preserves on top is the ideal garnish for this lip-smacking delight!
Licentious Lemon
Lust: the obsession of personal pleasure and gratification.

What conveys pleasure better than chocolate and strawberries? Nada. Well, maybe a bit of bubbly...

We bake our seductive strawberry cake & place it in a room with our decadent chocolate ganache and turn off the lights. What emerges is the result of unadulterated food-fornication. Bursting with strawberry-chocolaty goodness we frost this mouth watering temptation with satiny strawberry buttercream. A final pour of ganache with an edible heart topper completes this bombshell.
Nightmare: a dark and frightening dream (come true).

Nightmare is a gift for any chocolate lover!

This cake will leave you dreaming about it! Our decadent chocolate cake is filled with fudgy chocolate ganache, frosted with our scrumptious chocolate buttercream, and garnished with chocolate curls.
Apple cider spice cake, apple pie filling, vanilla buttercream, homemade streusel topping.
Nirvana (GF)
White chocolate-peppermint cake, white chocolate ganache filling, sweet peppermint buttercream, crushed candy canes, peppermint bark garnish.
She's a bit of a lush with a WHOLE lot of blush… Standing brave and beautiful, this cupcake is crafted with the class of champagne and the bite of berries. Her cake itself is light, fruity and intoxicating, while her courageous core is filled with fresh strawberry preserves and topped with a subtely sharp champagne-infused buttercream. We accessorize this blushing bombshell with white pearls and a whole lotta sparkle. A handmade glittery pink fondant ribbon completes the look of this worthy warrior. *10% of sales will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.
Pride: inflating one's ego and self-worth beyond the realm of reality.

Pride is a cake that can be a little snooty but you really can't blame it.This cake reaches the height of sophistication when we add fresh chopped coconut to our signature almond cake and fill it to the brim with luscious raspberry preserves.

This masterpiece is frosted in rich almond buttercream and finished with sliced almonds and raspberry drizzle.

Almond and coconut collide in this superior take on a classic wedding flavor.
Purgatory: caught between good and evil.

Purgatory is our version of a classic marble cake, offering you the best of both worlds.

French vanilla and dark chocolate devil's food are swirled together, baked and topped off with chocolate-vanilla buttercream to create a delicious cake for those who just can't decide.
Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, white chocolate curls.
rapture (GF)
Unyielding in flavor, our succulent raspberry cake is gushing with sweetness.

We fill it high with our luscious white chocolate ganache and frost it with our scrumptious raspberry buttercream.White chocolate curls complete this unruly confection.
Ruthless Razz
Turns out the sweet potato isn't as sweet as it wanted you to think. No, it has a sinister side to it.

This rich sweet potato cake batter is riddled with roasted pecans and baked to fluffy perfection. Using marshmallow Fluff, we frost this tantalizing tater with Heaven's clouds, then drag it through honey-glazed pecans. We scorch a pure, innocent marshmallow to burnt-bliss to serve as the crown of this sinister spud.

One taste will make you "thankful" for your tastebuds.
Sinister Spud
Sloth: extreme laziness.

Sloth is a chocolate cake reimagined.We take our sumptuous dark chocolate cake batter and pour in rich, dark stout beer until our shoulder hurts. The layers are assembled with a robust molasses buttercream.

A simple garnish of brown sugar completes this stocky bad boy. Take a break from your fast-paced life and enjoy a bite of this delectable delight!

The consumption of this cake may result in the temporary inability to get off the couch.
We've tainted our vanilla batter with the grease of a pig and the drippings from a maple tree...

We love to play with your pallets, and this combination of sweet and salty is a match made in heaven. Chocked full of crispy bacon bits and infused with locally sourced pure maple syrup, we adorn this cake with a pillow of silky, aromatic maple buttercream. The crown of this sinister swine is sprinkled with candied-cayenne bacon crumbles, adding a bit of sweetness and a touch of heat. 

One bite of this impure pig will have you SQUEALing for more...
Syrup & Swine
Temptation: something that causes a strong urge or desire to do something that is bad, wrong, or unwise. Entice your oral senses with the ultimate affair of chocolate and raspberry. This tempting dark chocolate cake is brimming with raspberry preserves and crowned with a seductive raspberry-chocolate buttercream. A generous drizzle of raspberry jam and a sprinkle of dark chocolate curls finishes this O-faced temptress.
Our signature french vanilla cake is adulterated with an espresso syrup and filled with sweetened mascarpone filling. We frost this caffeinated confection with our silky Italian buttercream and dust its dome with cocoa powder. This Italian-stallion is finished with a dark chocolate coffee bean.
A tropical treat perfect for the end of Summer! We put our sinful spin on a classic piña colada. Our refreshing pineapple-coconut cake is gushing with sweet pineapple preserves and topped with a dollop of rum infused buttercream. A dredge of toasted coconut and a maraschino cherry garnish completes this Bahama-Monster! Lay back, soak up the sun & dive into this seasonal sin!
Chocolate-merlot cake, tart cherry filling, wine infused cream cheese frosting, chocolate curls, ganache drizzle, cocktail cherry.
vicious vine
Wrath: Feelings of uninhibited rage and loathing towards someone or something.

Wrath is a cake that personifies fury to the fullest.

Our decadent chocolate cake is married with ground cinnamon, ancho chiles, and a touch of cayenne, resulting in a “sweet with heat” love affair. The cake is frosted with a velvety cinnamon whiskey-infused dark chocolate buttercream and finished with cinnamon candy pieces and chocolate curls.

This in-your-face confection presents a whopping punch to your pallet with a smidge of spice and a bite of bourbon.

Dark chocolate cake, strawberry preserve filling, vanilla buttercream, strawberry purée and chocolate curls.

Cherry-lime cake, cheesecake mousse filling, whipped cream frosting, maraschino cherry garnish.

* Seasonal only, please call (585) 483-0349 for availability.