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Reviews from Sinners

Rachel Letson from Facebook Reviews: 

"I inquired about a cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday a week in advance. Ryan was quick to communicate and squeezed me in the queue despite having a busy schedule. He helped me to come up with a colorful and fun cake that was perfect for the party. My daughter was ecstatic that it was for her! I hadn't had their desserts before, but found the cake flavors to be beautifully balanced and truly enjoyed by all of the guests. Thank you for your excellent customer service and for trying a new decorating technique with the drizzle effect. We highly recommend your business. Thank you!!!"

Lisa Burkovich from Facebook Reviews:

"Burkie's 50th...the desserts from Sinful Sweets at Park and Alexander. Bill's Cake was an original Ryan creation (my cake king!!). Burkie had a multi-tiered carrot cake that was a fisherman's dream-complete with hook, worm and the real giant fish that Burkie swears he catches. The details were authentic, unique and was amazing! The rest of us lol were treated to Ryan's creative confections in the form of his signature mini cupcakes. His team worked tirelessly to make 14 of the 19 flavors for Burkie. The guests dove into the dessert bar to load up their plates with most of the seven deadly sins! It was fun to watch them all slowly sink into true bliss from a kiss from Sinful Sweets. The prices are great and the if you are like me it is all about the taste. Ryan's confections are absolutely spot on. I highly recommend Ryan and his great team for your next event or just stop in to the bakery and pick up a cupcake or slice of their cheesecake. They have mini, regular and giant cupcakes, custom cakes, cheesecake...check them out! Pics to follow."

Jessica Schuring Cymbal from Facebook Reviews:

"I stopped by yesterday and picked up a couple of these delicious morsels. I weep that I am moving out of state and can't have them more regularly because these are- hands down- the best cupcakes I have had in a long time! The flavors are perfect, the combination of textures, the lightness of the buttercream...amaaaaaazing! Bravo and keep rocking the ROC sweets scene! 

Maria C. from Yelp:

"Sinful Sweets is my family's new favorite cupcake shop. I adore the decor and can't help but take photos whenever I visit.

There's a nice variety of cupcakes as well as truffles and cannolis. I haven't tried anything other the gluttony cupcake because, frankly, I don't want to. I'm obsessed with this flavor and I'm not ready to move on yet. Once I do, I'll post an update."

Leslie S. from Yelp:

"Oh, the mini cupcakes. Dangerously delicious little devils! Admittedly, I've never actually been inside of Sinful Sweets, so I can only comment on the look and taste of their desserts (and really... is there anything more important??). 

I LOVE the mini cupcakes -- I don't think they are done this well anywhere else in the city. I'm a purist, so I love the vanilla cake with the vanilla buttercream. The cake is light and moist, and that buttercream is as airy as a cloud. Seriously, it just melts in my mouth and somehow isn't overwhelmingly sweet in any way. Amazing, especially for those of us that occasionally want dessert but can be very easily put off by anything too sweet. If you only eat one (haha), you don't even need to feel that bad about the indulgence! Aside from the vanilla, I like the salted caramel, lemon and peanut butter chocolate. 

Their custom cakes are absolutely gorgeous as well -- my friend got one for his daughter's birthday, and it was beautiful. 

I will definitely return -- especially considering they are so close to me!"

Deborah M. from Yelp:

"Trying to restrain myself from eating all 6 of these mini cupcakes. They're beautiful, simple, and delicious. It's amazing to find a cupcake shop open until 9pm!!!

One of the owners (Craig) was here working, along with a super sweet worker (Kat). Very friendly, down to earth, conversational. 

I tried the gluttony first (chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, salted caramel filling). So delicious! If I hadn't just eaten before coming, I would have eaten all 6. 

Definitely a must go-to in Rochester!!!"